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Back Pain Stretches
Taking a few minutes every day to stretch can go a long way with back, neck, and spine issues. Warming up your muscles is important in helping reduce soreness, lessens your risk of injury and helps you to stay limber and flexible. Stretching primes your...
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How Can I Prevent Low Back Pain When Golfing?
As golf’s popularity surges, the median age of golfers hitting green are people mid-50s. For golfers in that age bracket and above, age-related wear within the spine will only increase with each passing year. That said, it’s becoming more important for not just senior golfers,...
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Drink up: How Dehydration Fuels Back Pain
Water is essential to our being. It sustains us, and we can only live a few days without it. Our bodies, which are made up of 60 percent water, rely on hydration to maintain their temperature, support joints and muscles, remove waste, and nourish cells....
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Neck Pain
How Your Phone Hurts Your Neck and What to Do About It Could your cell phone be on the hook for that neck pain and muscle tightness you’re feeling in your cervical spine and shoulders? Chances are, it is. It’s estimated that 294.15 million Americans...
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How to Prevent Back Pain When Working from Home
There are three easy ways to prevent back pain when working from home: adjusting your chair, switching to a standing workstation, and stretching. Adjust your chair and monitor This is the first and easiest safeguard for your back and spine health when working from home...
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