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  • Doctor Paul Kim, M.D.
  • One of the most professionally rewarding experiences is to see your patients get better and help them achieve what they want to do in life. Having seen family members suffer though medical problems, I try my best to treat each patient as if they were my own family and understand the worry and concern of having a relative be sick. It is an honor to be entrusted with my patient’s health and promise to use my knowledge and skills to provide the best possible well-informed, spine care to my patients.

    Paul D. Kim, M.D. Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon

  • Testimonials

    Age: 38
    Hometown: Poway, CA
    Surgeon: Dr. Paul D. Kim of Pomerado Medical Center, Poway, CA
    Procedure: eXtreme Lateral Interbody Fusion (XLIF®) Surgery
    Date: January 1, 2013

    “I’m able to swim, hike, and run my furniture business – pain-free!”

    Life Prior to Surgery: Maggie suffered from chronic back pain for nearly three years before finally finding long-term relief. Initially, she tried an array of conservative treatments, which included chiropractic treatments, physical therapy, massages, and acupuncture.

    Her pain progressed, and Maggie faced disappointment as she was unable to find long-lasting relief with conservative methods. “I was a track star in college, but at that point I could not even walk without terrible pain. Not being able to run for enjoyment was fairly depressing,” she says. “I also have Bipolar Disorder, and my chronic back pain made my mood swings much worse.” Maggie’s family noticed her unhappiness and irritability. They all used to live an active life together, but her pain made that much more difficult to keep up. She now found herself lying down at home while her family would do the things she enjoyed without her. Maggie’s active lifestyle wasn’t the only thing affected; the pain also took a toll on her professional life. “I’m a huge mental health advocate for Bipolar Disorder, but I could no longer enjoy my speaking engagements,” she recalls. “I also lost all interest in promoting my book, Runaway Mind, which is a huge passion of mine.”

    When she finally decided to seek out surgical options, Dr. Paul Kim recommended the minimally disruptive XLIF procedure. Initially, Maggie was scared, but she was willing to overcome her fears considering the amount of pain she was in. “I could no longer go on like that, feeling so awful all day and night,” she says.

    Situation Today: Maggie underwent XLIF surgery in January 2013. Soon after the procedure, she experienced some leg pain, along with some numbness and tingling. For her post-op recovery, her doctor suggested simply walking, which he feels is the best postoperative treatment. Roughly four months out of surgery, Maggie was finally able to swim, hike, clean her house, and return to her furniture refurbishing business without any pain. “I’m happy to finally be enjoying my life again!” she says.

    Robert Fitzgerald

    I had the good fortune of being referred to the Spine Institue of San Diego and Dr. Paul Kim after suffering with back pain for over a year.

    During that year period I was unable to work nor do activities with my family. I had tried several medical treatments with little to no relief.

    Upon meeting Dr. Kim he was able to quickly diagnose my back problem and set a plan for action. While surgery is always a scary thought Dr. Kim was able to put myself and my wife at ease by answering all questions thoroughly and explained the surgery process and recovery period step by step. The surgery was a success thanks to the knowledge and experience of Dr. Kim. The follow up care I have received from Dr. Kim and his staff has been top notch and I would hightly recommend the Spine Institue of San Diego!

    Lou Valentine

    Thank you so much for outstanding care. When ever i called I received such warm, caring concern for my well being. My life is so much better and I know that it will continue! Best Regards.

    Gregg & Melinda
    Febuary 22nd, 2012

    My wife went to Dr. Kim when she could hardly walk. He diagnosed her problem, scheduled the surgery and she is now healing and feels better than ever. I must say I was a little concerned since Dr. Kim is so young but those apprehentions were soon dispelled. I've been operated on by one of the top 10 rated nurosurgeons so I know who is good. I now can say because of Dr. Kims approach, his bedside manners, his follow ups with me and how he made my wife feel, I rate him up with the finest Doctors there are. His performance was perfect. I rate him a 12 out of 10.

    source: http://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Paul_D_Kim_3#reviews

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